i listened to the local coverage

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They covered press conferences from all the potentates and experts and did a lot of man-on-the-street reporting. Everyone was impressed that the pig governor had immediately called DC to declare yet another emergency. Most of the responders were still there from the day before. Many people decided to sleep outside, too afraid to spend the night in their homes.

No matter they were also reporting seeing all the light poles waving in the street. And despite all the building code mandates for earthquake protection measures, nope, safer out there in shrapnel land with the dancing power lines.

Face it! Point Reyes wants to marry Petrolia and Baja gives no fucks about ICE agents. It's going to be the west coast of Southern California, whether you like it or not. Being a fucking ninny will not change that. ALL it can do is help get you killed in the process.

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