and, they really ARE cornered

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Their control mechanisms are being dismantled globally, leaving them little choice but to go balls to the wall with their murderous street theater mechanisms in their efforts to get back the reins.

When the insanity starts weakening your knees too much, just try to remember that whatever redounds toward national sovereignty in any country is another strike against WWIII, and China, as you might imagine, while wanting its sovereignty as much as anyone else, has been the single biggest benefactor of globalist psychopath largess for decades. If we don't want this to simply turn into China becoming the unipolar power, instead of a planet full of peacefully trading nations and cultures, we recognize that we have to stop paying for all their goodies, force them onto a level playing field, or leave us paying to keep the psychopaths with too much power.

Never forget they have NO national or cultural allegiance. They don't give a fig about where their seat of power ends up, or who their puppets end up being. They will own the world and everything on it. It might please them if you manage to still think you are free, like it does right now, but ultimately that is immaterial to them.

They already overplayed their hand in Europe. There isn't a population there who wants this bullshit union and it's going down. We may be too fat and soft for serious rebellion, but we're not TOTALLY useless. Anyone with half a brain knows "diversity" does NOT confer cultural or national strength. Doesn't matter what color you are, or where you are from, but it DOES matter that you fit into the culture and nationhood of whatever place you live.

In short, they're going down.

And it is MOST important to ALL living things that you subordinate ALL your other concerns to backing the globalist psychopaths down into the deepest dankest recesses of their palace dungeons... No. Natter. What. Because nothing good will come of any other one of your concerns unless this happens.

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