call me crazy if you want

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And I can't prove jack, but I need to remind you that we've seen this stuff being executed [pardon the pun] all over the world since... well... since JFK's head was blown off in broad daylight, but for realz since the turn of the millennium, when the good old Project for a New American Century kicked into gear upon the coerced selection of good ole clueless Dubby that rang in the Darth Fudd administration.

This one is particularly pointed. Candidates and media will be screaming about how Trump is getting them targeted and the stark raving entrained lunatics will line up behind them to the point where, even if they actually lose by an historic margin, they will be able to coerce a new selection on us in a plausible enough way that you will either return to your rightful station as a pet blogging enthusiast or be snatched off the street without charge or recourse.

This is NOT organic.

It's psychopaths blasting their way out of a corner.

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