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I spend an inordinate amount of time researching ways to deal with the health problems of everybody I love and lately even including my own completely pathetic slides back from my hard won and genuine gains. Goddammit! But this really IS how I know that complementary medicine helps.

Yes, yes, you have to rely on the food and supplements really having what they're supposed to have in them, and also that you haven't just been taken in by another charlatan with seriously expensive shit to sell, but it DOES work when you've run this obstacle course despite your infirmities.

I can say that this theory has merit because I have been doing SO much research, AND I am flat out amazed they'd publish a piece that outright admits they don't know their asses from holes in the ground about these horrific codger killers. We'll just leave aside for now that people are becoming codgers earlier and earlier nowadays and concentrate on us perfectly marvelous geezers instead, wot? I'm sick of their shit.

Bugs! And maybe not exclusively, but heavily, the ones that have been sending you to the dentist your whole life, running amok and getting into your bloodstream and CSF even when you are scrupulous about oral hygiene.

You should read the whole piece carefully, but the short and short of it is that inhibition of a protein eating enzyme called gingipain may have therapeutic or even curative effects on things like hardened arteries and misfiring pancreases and plaque buildups in your BRAIN.

I know they're on the right track because all the research I've seen on all this stuff has been bending spectacularly in the direction of the dread "inflammation" and may be the number one reason a paleo or keto diet helps against so many horrific medical concerns: It lowers inflammation big time.

But they still don't know exactly the mechanism that starts it up. They're sure it's connected to the ingestion of carbohydrates but not specifically WHAT about the carbohydrates suddenly starts having seriously lethal effects in the human body.

I hope you know by heart by now that carbohydrates are ambrosia for the toxic microbiota in and on our bodies... our bodies that are made up of literally more microbiota than human cells. Yes, the good bugs like them too, but the good bugs do not depend on them and the bad ones do.

And there appears to be one extra-bad one that needs more help to vanquish than the average human can conceive would be necessary. I've already told you a bunch of times to brush your teeth with activated charcoal powder mixed with xylitol because these little fuckers LOVE it and it renders them unable to stick to your teeth once they eat it. Your gingivitis is liable to stop making you miserable and your dentist might have to look to other rubes.

So now we add to that by looking for things known to inhibit gingipain enzyme. One of them is cranberry polyphenols. So you want to be eating cranberries, but you need them to be fresh and you need to be able to palate them well enough to actually consume them.

So you go to this here recipe and you substitute xylitol for the sugar... NOT in a similar amount. Xylitol is three times sweeter than sugar and has radically fewer carbohydrates. I only ever use it for food when it seriously has to be sweeter to go down, and you want to go easy on the stuff because it has a too marvelous laxative effect if you don't go slow and steady, but you will have to use it with your fresh cranberry consumption unless you are some kind of masochist or he-man.

Green tea is supposed also to help but I have some kind of mental block about teas and wouldn't have any idea bout how much to recommend because I can barely do even one cup of the stuff once every ten or twelve years.

The planet needs this kind of help too, but I think we're all too old to get much farming under our belts in time to do us much good, and so we should work on our own microbiomes so we can be well enough and lucid enough to beat it into some kids.

Just goddam try the cranberry relish! It's transcendentally good and really easy and it goes with everything else you want to eat, not just turkey. Personally, I have a history of eating it like others eat cookie dough before it can turn into cookies. And if you follow my advice, here, you will get all healthy stuff with a minimum of carbs working in the other direction.

Add this to your daily consumption of fermented food or regular probiotic supplement and you have just quadrupled the good effects of helping the good bugs take back over every motherfucking cell in and on your body.

Comply, goddammit.

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