pattern recognition

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I am wondering where on the hierarchy of demons these people fall. It's not just in recent media accounts of lifestyles of the pervy famous, but also noticed over the course of my babetude whenever confronted with them... which was of course more often than anyone cares to deal with.

There is always a shocking lack of taste for anyone with so much money. Yes, yes, wealth does not guarantee taste to match, but even most nouveau riche get the picture early on and hire others to be tasteful for them.

A distinct tastelessness in art and architecture. Always a circus vibe to it. Hugh Hefner's mansion. A young rock band's tour bus or plane. Everything having the patina of bodily fluids, even when they have batteries of maids working full time.

They just reek. All on their own. With no props.

STILL ignoring media balderdash, I'm not even talking physical senses as much as spiritual ones. You come across it and you know immediately you are dealing with a pervert. This can't hold true for ALL perverts, but the vast majority of them. So I'm thinking maybe there's a classification on that hierarchy that would make for a more intelligent way to address the subject.

pipe up any time....