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Go back to calling them quasars, you dishonest creeps! All that has transpired is that you MAY have gotten a better understanding of QUASARS. Seriously, nobody thought it was wise to get anywhere near one before the black hole business.

Your "dark matter" bullshit? Space is a plasma, chock full of invisible particles floating around freelance while awaiting some electricity to conduct.

Your ludicrous "big bang"? Will it kill you to apply some of your Einstein-Rosen Bridge magic there? Or would that be too much like the G-word for your infuriatingly pedantic mentality?

Truly, you remind me of the creepiest dentist on earth, the guy who dealt with my mouth for my entire childhood and well into my teens. He was SO methodical and precise in his bearing and SO much cleaner than merely sterile and SO unyieldingly judgmental, all while you could hear his viscera slish to the tune of those attributes, you wanted to fly out of his torture chair in hydra form and leave him in ribbons on the floor.

It was such a lurid and stomach-churning ordeal, you began developing anxiety weeks in advance of every appointment. Not that it was physically painful much, but that it was SO intensely spiritually painful.

I am grateful to RT for writing this up with comparative humility.

I didn't tense up too much.

I'm now drinking my second cup of strong coffee just as though I'm skipping a night's sleep, but hoping this will do its old trick of helping me drop like a stone at the first crack of dawn.

pipe up any time....