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That's way too convoluted. I was being sarcastic about the smoke bombs before, but I think now I'm becoming less so. Nobody's ruffled about this. It was one sharp scare and then nothingness. For Iran to have had a hand in it, they'd have to be completely ignorant of what Aramco/KSA stood to gain by it.

That doesn't seem very Iranian. And do the Houthis even know they are supposed to have taken responsibility for this? Even if so, would they be allowed to object in any way available to public scrutiny?

I'd say a Netanyahu [dud] hail mary is even more likely now than it was on the instant.

One day Trump is bragging about USA being number one oil producer, the next bin Salamander and Putin are talking about oil at $25 as though it were a real option, hurting our big oil more even than themselves, which it seriously would, don't doubt for a nanosecond, despite all the propaganda asking you not to look at the man behind the curtain, and two days after that a huge oil refinery gets hit?

Granny Clampett is THE number one suspect, with Bibi a limp second. Truly. Trump didn't fall into anything. He's simply, again, forced to pretend he was not faced with the choice between owning it or looking like he's clueless.

It's been happening with alarming regularity.

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