take as a new baseline for 9/11

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That globalist psychopaths — regardless of their origins — through their puppets and well-placed moles, have been the superstructure for all terrorism — across the globe — for fifty-plus years. You can incorporate Janeway's missing trillions and Fussbudget's stateless Nazis if you are so inclined, or even blame Israeli black ops as many more already do... whatever. No matter.

Just there's a group of psychopaths making what happens happen.

That's the baseline.

If you can't wipe your presets enough to do this, make Granny Clampett the culprit.

Political parties vie for the privilege of following Granny's orders and/or taking "responsibility" for her actions, journalists quickly realizing the narrative to which they must adhere, and positively everything public has to come through these channels or be subordinated through devious heinous vicious, even often murderous, means.

We're still seeing what we see, and still thinking what we think, whether it be utter credulity or incredulity, mox nix. Just the observables here, and from ANY angle, because there are very many. Human beings will ALL — no matter what they take as true or sacred or correct — be ingenuous in all their actions and pronouncements.

Granny remains unfazed... except insofar as there forever remains a need to apply force against anything or anyone beginning to threaten her ability to proceed. Any threat of that and mass social psychedelia ensues.

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