i'm taking the libertarian view on lighting

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NOT just for economic reasons. The awful swirly fluorescent bulbs can be bought cheaply-ish and last an incredibly long time. I've still got three of the five-pack I bought twenty years ago, going strong, in daily use, but I have to either use them where they are covered by frosted glass or only on for a few moments at a time or the suckers make my eyes and head hurt.

Plus, still no getting away from their being purely functional and not going to lend any form of soothing atmosphere to any home. I don't know about you, but soothing atmosphere becomes more important to me by the minute.

And I very seriously DO NOT even trust ANY of the BULLSHIT about energy and materials saving measures. We separate out our plastics so the garbage company can ship it to Asia, where they dump it in the sea. The batteries on electric cars are worse toxic than carbon emissions. Ludicrously little is even YET made of recycled material, is more expensive, AND pollutes as much as making the shit fresh.

Not one REAL solution to our filthy messes has happened and there's no energy crisis.

Just a bunch of lying sacks of shit political twaddle.

Don't go off all sanctimoniously outraged on me either. There are dozens of perfectly marvelous inventions that increase gas mileage by insane amounts and they are NOT in use. Don't give me any lip about "Big Oil" keeping them from us either. If any of this shit were real, Big Oil would have been sucking on it long since.

pipe up any time....