remain calm

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Don't fall for the panic-monger shtick. You may ask, what do I know? Good question. I don't know much about the psychedelia we refer to as Britain's government, except that there is ALWAYS skulduggery afoot over there and it's fun to see and hear them insulting each other in parliament.

But the queen sent Andrew to China discuss Belt and Road agreements not long ago, and, as you may have noticed, they always have to ask her permission for anything out of the usual, and do. You might think this is just ceremonial, that the PM goes in to brief the queen once a week as some quaint observance of a long stuffed monarchy.

I think you'd be wrong about that, but I guess we'll see.

And, could we maybe not forget the people in all this? Don't forget Nigel has given BoJo a pretty sweet non-aggression pact, and even some staunch remainers are pissed off about the amount of resistance to the vote they lost fair and square. There ARE still people who DO believe the losers must consent to the winners.

It's only psychopaths and the idiots they've duped or bribed who don't agree with that.

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