i myself warned of this

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It may have escaped you just how big a deal the declassifications of Flynn exculpatory evidence really is. I don't even mean the greater spiritual ramifications, but just the vicious ground truth itself.

You wonder what could make a federal judge go clean out of his mind and try to turn himself into the prosecution of one of our very finest Americans. Psychopaths who will eviscerate him if he doesn't, that's what.

You wonder about the timing of a viral video of THE most coldblooded killing you've ever seen? Are you rooting for the looters across the country to make them stop? Or are you wondering if it even happened at all? If it was not merely a pantomime.

You can't talk if you can't breathe.


Narrative acolytes are bleating that the knee in the neck bit is "protocol". No shit. They are saying that. Narrative acolytes are bleating about black lives mattering and the killing of unarmed black people has to stop... whining about their peaceful protest being turned to riot by hotheads.

No. Those are the coolest heads in the crowds.

Are you concentrating on the nuclear revelation of what Flynn ACTUALLY did?

Or are you really busy agonizing over, or cheering on, the fallout from that viral video?

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