it's just too goddam hot today

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I am hating this red flag weather big time. You might scoff at my bitching about a paltry 85º with dry air, but if the air weren't dry, I'd've been bitching thirteen degrees ago. You just don't seem to grok that my bodily thermostat is COMPLETELY off its rocker. Drain bamage.

It's been weird my whole life, but, post menopause, "weird" doesn't even begin to cover it. This may also account for why — without the aid of chill pills — taking until dawn to get down to 64º — which is where my bodily thermostat stops griping at me — I seem incapable of falling asleep until long after sunrise lately. I mean, I never take a chill pill until I'm too low on sleep to keep functioning at all or it's mandatory I get some in order to be somewhere with my clothes on in the certified morning.

I just WILL NOT become a pill freak until it's submit or go to prison.

So I have not been getting out of bed until mid-to-late afternoon for weeks now. Today I reached for my lighter to wash down my "morning" pills. Yes. You read that right. I may need to take a chill pill tonight, no?

Yes. Right after I swab my sweaty decks with all the doors and windows open. I think this might be the fourth weekend in a row where I've had to resort to a chill pill to try to get myself back together and in phase with the world enough to get ANYTHING done before EVERYTHING worth anything is closed.

So we're not even talking functional. We're still talking remotely functional.

pipe up any time....