okay, i forgot

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Until far too late to take my chill pill.

While surfing the pipes yesterday afternoon, I caught that Millie had been arrested. I don't know if this was why or what, but I'm sure AJ will be all over it. I love him, but I can't take listening to him, so if you want to get more information, you will have to get it yourself.

You should maybe spend the time on this, whether or not you understand/believe it.


Heavy sigh. I ended up with him anyway. Heh. I'm a tough old broad.

I'm manning up with some SERIOUS ass coffee. Fuck it. Four in the morning. Won't even put a dent in my circus tent.

So ToRE, the woman whistleblower in the video, has her own podcast and I went there. Her show was interrupted by Millie's arrest and she got ported over to Alex.

pipe up any time....