didn't just fall off the turnip truck

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They don't want to be lab rats either. You guys think it's so swell to have vaccines against dread diseases... like you have the concept firmly in mind about how our immune systems deal or don't deal with pathogens. Ignore the long standing cries against this nonsense and the growing body of other experts who insist the mechanism of immunity is quite more recondite than what we're told.

Bureaucrats who have already proved they don't really care at all for OUR wellbeing insist we're just being superstitious. And a growing body of indoctrinated karens are insisting worse.

Personally, I would not be so set against them if they didn't add in all kinds of obnoxious adjuvents and ludicrous miscellany they swear are there to put our immune systems on red alert fast, to insure we're making the right antibodies. Well, how many foreign human cell antibodies have we got now? Aluminum antibodies? Formaldehyde antibodies? How many excipients are we needing to incipiate before we are clean and acceptable?

Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin and Regeneron plus various steroids and vitamins have all been shown to work really well in dispatching the virus of the moment. Just do that instead.

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