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I had to think up a new level for describing the rain. We have the ordinary hard rain being cats and dogs, and the seriously hard rain being pachyderms. I got a rather startling long deep sleep last "night" and I believe that it was raining titanosaurs for most of that time.

So when I finally emerged from the chaos of my bed, I had to check for leaks. I'm not good at being alive when I first get up but the usual suspects were dry. I don't want to look for new spots. Maybe they will be dry before I discover them. I do know already that I will need hip waders or a paddle boat to get out through the "mudroom"... or maybe the molds will form stepping stones.

What on earth causes cobwebs to bloom unceasingly? I thought those were mainly for uninhabited spaces. Do they not recognize I'm still here?

I've moved on from Christmas ancient history documentaries to new year's Morse in my effort to keep my nervous system from apocalyptizing. I so love Morse. I know almost every scene and line so I don't even have to look, mostly, but the really wild part is that with this intimacy of knowledge, I still never remember who dunnit! Perfect!

Just the way my brain works yielding up a new twist, a way to know everything and to remain mystified. After all those years of taking care of old people, I always wished for myself a fabulous senility, and by jove! I think I'm getting there.

pipe up any time....