i am bringing out the big guns

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I will be taking a whole chill pill in about an hour. I'm like electric oatmeal right now, and am wishing for the wherewithal to become a brilliant neurochemist who comes up with the key to the influences of atmospheric pressure and electromagnetic radiation on the human body. Or maybe just an expert on WHAT in my brain came unmoored when my horse kicked me in the head. It's one or the other.

And I just followed a link to this site a few minutes ago. I think you should at least take in the headlines on that page. If you wonder what happens when colorful speech stops being politically correct, I think those headlines might be your first clue. In the old days lots of loud and bloody language took care of this stuff, or when it didn't, we all just shot each other until it stopped.

I mean to point out that in the old days we were MUCH more civilized in this country.

pipe up any time....