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The little shit is the adopted son of a disgraced general... one of the three creepiest nuclear skulduggery busts in the last twenty years, which in each instance revealed the heavy influence of malignancy at the highest levels of our military.

We had the Minot to Barksdale business which included missing nukes we were pretty sure were bound for Portland... back when we still loved and wanted the safety of that godforsaken bastion of lunatics... even though we probably still don't want it leveled to suit the dank imperative for WWIII common among psychopaths. We had that business of some guys trying to move nukes off one base to go somewhere on or just off the East Coast, that got a bunch of patriot whistleblower generals fired by Nosbaracktu. And this seemingly less egregious flight of nuclear fuses to the place Granny Fussbudget believes is Nazi World Headquarters.

I'd like to think that's all well in hand now, that the rat bastards have been weeded out of places where they can again pull these kinds of sneaky moves, but there seems to be a mechanism for reaching the rarefied ranks where, yes, it still is for the courageous and devoted patriots — truly merit based — but very many are NOT earning those ranks in the manner Americans believe.

I can't tell you how many times I've listened to combat veterans disparaging the rise of the politically astute in the military. That's NEVER a good sign, and it's always been a problem to deal with, but in recent decades, it's gone completely amok, like maybe we need color codes for the stars and bars awarded, a quick way to recognize whether merit or fealty to reptiles made their rank.

I remember laughing when Trump insisted that the military loves him — which they do — but added that some of the generals were crazy and self-serving and not trustworthy. I don't care who you are, you have to admit it's nice to hear the president speaking frankly.

But, speaking frankly, we're definitely now seeing the solid outline of evidence for the reality the narrative-shriekers are so loudly trying to drown out.


And, yes, my big guns decked me for four measly hours. My guns are shrinking in the face of this withering onslaught. I am substituting meals with Vitamins D and C to counter the loss of immune strength from sleep deprivation. It's unnerving to find myself bolt upright and wide awake and not bumping into walls when a chill pill usually makes me sleep too long, but here we are.

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