the tree of liberty

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Is being refreshed with the fantasies of patriots... which surely is better than no refreshment at all.

Some of you will remember my years of doctoral work in Out There. I'd had no idea it would take so long, but there was a dizzying array of nodes to understand as best one might, and a false start or two along the way.

One node that was particularly vexing was the NESARA/GESARA hullabaloo, the leading lights of which were constantly relying on the notion that you could wave some paper in the face of psychopaths and not only be set free, but get a LOT of money from them with which to enjoy your freedom.

It was all particularly intriguing to devout Christians, but pushed very, very heavily by the New Age Movement, better known here as The Bliss Ninnies. The worst part about it was it was based on verifiable, if very long unmentionable, fact. This gave its charlatans endless possibilities for lucrative enterprise. Pander to them and a fulsome livelihood is secured. Not only are there millions of them across the globe, but they are mostly lavish with their support.

Go ahead and scoff, but the sheer numbers of rubes for this fantastical end were and still are legion. See the basis is TRUE.

And the mechanism for faith in it is the innate human desire for goodness. So if you wonder how Q could attract and hold so many, I have just explained it to you.

Notwithstanding the million offshoots of highly questionable nature, the core is the truth being applied subtly to stoke our deepest instincts for justice and goodness and love. Derogating Q people to seem with it and above reproach is actually reprehensible.

I did not like what I found while I was looking into it for you because it was too arch and too obviously fixated on securing the Christian/bliss ninny vote. Still, I do not begrudge it because the motive was/is pure.

Q took nothing from its followers. Some of its followers led off into charlatanry, and we may never know if they were ops or just maniacs. Probably both.

But you can get a good gander at the core here if you come at it with a desire to see into it, rather than call it something, hardening your delusion, and going off to your appointed demise as heedless as ever.

Just remember that you have been being front-loaded with prefabricated opinions about religious people to turn you to the cult of scientism for many decades, and if you can't allow for a religious person to also have high intellect and morals, or discern between science and scientism, between the actual and bullshit, you really are what the psychopaths like to call a useless eater.

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