trouble in my coffee cult

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And Kenny reminded me that I wanted to post about it. This immediately harked me back to the days of constantly breaking down cars... the countless times I was stranded at a repair shop with coffee that deserved that mug.

I have long been a devoted Peetnik. No Starbucks bullshit for me. But there is trouble in paradise... my carefully crafted way of getting my favorite coffee for cheaper than anywhere within my reach has been to get it delivered every month. Big savings.

I discovered early in my destitution that if I fasted a couple days a month, I could drink coffee that did not make me feel so bleak, that it wouldn't drive me into a hole to make that trade and it would bolster my spirit.

Nowadays I'm having to concede even more, but somewhere in the midst of the pandemic, not only were the deliveries much less reliable, but the coffee started tasting terrible. Then, it even started hurting my stomach!

Suddenly, I didn't want any coffee, not even first thing in the morning. So averse was I that I had no coffee withdrawals whatsoever. After drinking ludicrously many huge glasses full of it a day for decades. [Yes, glasses. Groucho Veneziano would not hear of coffee from anything but glass, and he was right, as in most things.] For a few months, I drank no coffee.

Now I am only drinking two glasses a day, and with even more cream. No sugar. But the Peet's is still not right. I think they have been doing something different/wrong in the roasting process. I think maybe they're no longer really Peet's, that corporate vampires have taken over or somebody bought them out or somebody's sterilizing their equipment with formaldehyde or something.

It feels like they don't love me anymore.

pipe up any time....