a street artist sketched me at the grocery store yesterday

[click image]


Without going into anything like my usual levels of TMI about my condition, for good and natural reasons I have not been able to do things like go to the grocery store or pull a weed or cook my food or do my dishes without many breaks for rest along the way. But on the first day those good and natural reasons gave me some leeway, of course, the grocery store beckoned, as it tends to do when you have only the choice between instant mashed potatoes and popcorn to eat.

I was afraid it would be a scene like all the times I watch with sadness and compassion the stooped and shuffling little old ladies trying to make their way down the aisles, most of 'em not even bold enough to enlist some strapping young man to reach the Hamburger Helper flavor they want for them... or... of course... worse. Still. You know. Food. Gotta do it.

I felt the forebearance of my fellow shoppers and some of the employees. Tried not to let it depress me. Usually I'm entertaining the snot out of 'em as I make my way down the aisles with one of those little sports car shopping carts, where you can run and weave between grocery browsers and vexed men looking for THE beer and clutches of foreigners huddled to discuss the merits of one coldcut or another, loudly warning them that a maniac driver is approaching, but yesterday I was a snail having difficulty even keeping my sports car from missing inanimate objects.

It was all very slow and difficult.

And that's not even counting the ordeal of then getting my groceries into the car, or, indeed, getting them back out and into my hovel. I'd been clever enough to get a gourmet cheese-stuffed chicken breast I could just throw right into my counter oven for dinner. Prep consisted of removing the lid. Dishes amounted to fork and knife.

Still, everyone back at the store had been very nice, and the street artist in the parking lot even sketched me and my cart for free so I could show you here. So I linked you with it to the live stream of the courtroom where Kyle's verdict may come in today. You will see either the carving on the wall behind the judge while he's dealing with other cases, or a black screen, or possibly even see and hear people in Kyle's case talking about stuff, and, then, of course, if the jury comes in with their verdict, you will see that.

What I'm trying to say is that you should just open this live stream and go about your day and the stream itself will alert you to when/if something happens involving our brave and good young man. No talking heads. No bullshit. Other than Binger and Lunchbox, that is. Just the raw data.

pipe up any time....