the courtroom has been turned into the jury room for the moment

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They are reviewing some videos on a specially set up computer screen right now. The deliberation over whether and how they should get to do this has been mortifying. MORTIFYING. However it is happening right now, and if you get a black screen at the link, they're still doing it.

Also, though, while they were mortifying me and the judge, the matter of the discrepancy between video quality on the HIGHLY SUSPECT, almost certainly doctored, and actually debunked interpretation of a very blurry shot in a video the jury has NOT asked to review came up, and the defense moved for a mistrial, not the Mistrial, With Prejudice we all have been thinking should happen, on the grounds that the prosecution did not supply them with the high quality version of the video from which that shot came. It had been made to look as though Kyle's med kit strap across his chest was the gun barrel and that he'd raised his gun with his left hand.

He's not left-handed and he'd had his rifle strapped on him all night for right-handed shooting, and this was a crude and sneaky attempt to make it look as though something that didn't happen and couldn't have happened happened.

I'm pretty sure the judge knows this, but is wanting to proceed until the matter of how the high quality video was not made available to defense until after all the exhibits were closed.

I'm not certain, but I think this will be determined before the jury is through deliberating. If the prosecutors are guilty, when the jury comes back and tells the judge their verdict before they read it aloud, if they have found Kyle guilty, the judge will declare a mistrial before they can do that.

Or give them a directed verdict in view of the proof the prosecutors pulled a fast one on the court.

I don't know. Possibly, when the jury is back in their jury room, I'm sure the lawyers and judge will be duking it out over this point and coming up with ways to prove it for certain one way or the other, and they might just ask the jury to hold on to their verdict until that is settled.

Just spitballing here, and I always think everyone will be saner than they are, so who knows? Scroll down through Poso's TwitFace feed for the finer points.

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