i just scrolled down twenty or thirty posts

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And I can't bear it. It'll still be there tomorrow, and I just want to remind you that I'm certain the Brandon Administration is doing all this shit on purpose, turning our demise all the way up to eleven for the exact purpose of doing what it is doing to us.

I slept for about three hours last night and dozed in and out for about an hour today. The neighbor had chainsaws going all day — in the rain — opening up my view of his ugly compound. I didn't scream. Too taxing, and futile anyway.

I'm going in for surgery next week to be sewn back together, at last, from being blown up almost five months ago, and I have to go get a bunch of labs and radiology stuff done this week, finish procuring all the stuff I'll need before spending anywhere from three days to a week to whenever in the hospital.

Also, need to get to some wifi long enough to set up the tablet someone gave me, so I'm not incommunicado while I'm there. I don't know how many feats of cybernetics I can perform from it. It will be a surprise, and I'll probably be stoned on pain meds in the bargain. So I need to get the lead out now.

But instead of getting a handle on any of this today, or the news, I've been too out of it to do more than get my recyling out to the bin and gape at the world.

pipe up any time....