today in the clash of world orders

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Listen carefully to this one, please.

This made me laugh, lover of black humor that I am. It's not the least funny unless you realize the whole grisly scene was pure Hollywood. Some of you will remember me announcing I was embarking on an investigation to find out just how villainous our arch villians truly are/were because I recognized certain factions trying to fudge — well, outright pervert — the sage teachings laid down by Sun Tzu in their gluttonous and despicable urgency to win more control.

It was just too hard to convince me that a guy who spent the contract money for another Western pillage on shipments of food to feed the starving in St. Petersburg was a stone cold killer. That had turned it for me. Two decades of watching our media not be able to mention Putin without adding that he'd once been in the KGB — a lawyer, behind a desk — like he was GHW Bush or something, helped school me on how utterly our media have been perverted.

Of course, I'd stopped trusting them completely by the time I was twenty, grumbled, griped and sometimes hollered about it for another twenty, but these last twenty have been the ones where I've been learning to identify the forces AND the more recondite feelings that signal which synapses lead to realization in any given situation. That was the Zen kicking in. Better late than fucking never, you assholes.

Anyway, this update from Christoforou reminded me that I have neglected to check Moon of Alabama in the midst of this mess of a Telegram update booting off everyone not using a cell phone, and that was remiss of me. I have a love/hate relationship with that great blog. I end up falling down a well in the comments sections there. Too goddam many turgid exchanges between guys too left brained to do more than memorize puzzle pieces, forgetting almost unerringly that those pieces need to fit into a whole. They think they need to SOUND clever... or die.


Still, I can easily get trapped there for hours because there are almost always some gems in there. I have to get very strict with myself if I decide to go there for some of b's usually excellent bits. Mining for gems is sweaty and back-breaking work. I'm too old, and I need to pee sometimes.

Gonzalo, who is reporting/opining from Kharkov in Ukraine, is going live at 7am Pacific Time, one hour from now, and will most probably continue going on about the theatrics in Bucha. He's been ON it for a few days, and if you've been following my links you will know that already. If you haven't, you might want to give it a try. He's silly smart.

I will update this post today as I find pertinent links.


Unfortunately, I think Scott's right about the UN being a hopeless black hole for the Bucha business, and he's also pretty much right about the other stuff, too.


The first casualty of war is.....

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