i love the uniforms

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Which is why I'd bother with this twaddle. The old footage and images of the real deal is what I like to look at, imagining always what-if-they-had-not-been-seriously-bent-motherfuckers? I mean, imagine good guys wearing those uniforms, and I don't even mean back when Germans were only imagining they were good guys. I mean present-day actual good guys in uniforms that cool.

Then I like to think about how the Nazis back then wanted to be that cool, even some of them actually believing they were that cool and all the people they killed were really so malignant as to need killing. Strikes me the left in the West is about 80% percent there already, 80% deluded enough to think some millions of us need dead, anyway.

Blows my mind how labyrinthine and psychedelic the mindscapes of delusion can become, how they can twist themselves inside out and upside down and curl around the edges of each new progression of thought and think they've gotten somewhere.

Blows my mind that people would hold uniforms and symbols against you for decades or centuries or millennia and NEVER get to the part about it ALL never being anything more accurate than what they prefer to only CALL it... constant urge to gently slap or pinch their cheeks, whisper wake up, wake up, wake up.

Anyway, I had hoped somebody was finally going to connect the Nazis' attraction to the occult with what they were doing in their bent Third Reich thing, but nope. Still just pointing at them for liking to contemplate that stuff and not one stick about that stuff being what turned them into murderating maniacs. I keep thinking I must've missed something, but it's more like there is no correspondence between their attraction to occult teachings and their psychopathy.

Just a bunch of bozos out there trying to connect the two in our pea brains.

pipe up any time....