man, oh, man, maaan

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I am having one fuck of a hard time coming to the party today. My synapses are trying to dog paddle through taffy and the oxygen supply is too limited. A vague sense of panic while my brain drowns.

I finally get up and "at 'em" and everything is not where I get at 'em. Everything is akimbo. For instance this update from Alex yesterday. I'd felt it coming, but it didn't seem to come. Well. It DID come, but YouBube, it turns out, suspended him for a week because of something he said about the coof a year and a half ago... or that's the story from Alexander this "morning" anyway.

So I went over to Odysee for it, and I find what I'd been expecting last night on there from today. I don't know how this is done on Alex's end, whether he records and uploads to YouBube, and then uses some fancy app to shoot it over to all the backup video services or what. So I don't know if he's going to upload it direct to a backup service this week or just be gone all week.

I don't know about you, but I am soooo sick of YouBube's bullshit, and you pretty much have to be like that poor Iranian lunatic who got herself killed in the effort to make her point to them a few years ago to make your point to them. Except, of course, it just isn't really worth getting killed to make that point and nothing come of it, now is it?

So here is the view from the young Brit in St. Petersburg, and here is Alexander talking with the guys about the Ukraine sitrep, and here is Baklykov holding forth on sanctions, also from St. Petersburg and here is Eva Bartlett on the ground in Popasnaya getting the straight dope from the locals. That ought to do us. We can busy ourselves listening to them, if we are so inclined, while we try to prossess our irk and our need to glimpse truth today.

And I don't know if coffee is even going to end up kicking in hard enough to make me functional before midnight. I might have to get electrolytes circulating and/or go dunk myself in the Pacific, take radical measures, to shove the taffy ocean out of my skull, but, dammit, I'm doing whatever it's going to take.

pipe up any time....