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Pretty much most of what Alex was talking about in his first morning update was mooted by the news that Russians are retreating from the Izyum area. It is still very worth a listen, but particularly for the part about a German politician, Sahra Wagenknecht, declaring their government the stupidest in Europe.

She probably even knows the strict adherence to the provocations and economic attrition envisioned by Rand Corporation was aimed at the West claiming Russia for its own, all those lovely resources, and that the move to weaken Russia has backfired spectacularly. She maybe even knows that the ONLY reason Euroope is willing to feed its herds of cattle to this beast is that they feel that holding on, despite the cruel agonies it imposes on their cattle herds, might yet break Russia and re-admit the looters Putin booted out when he took power.

Pro-Russian people are very angry that anyone should mention that Russia has had to retreat or has had any losses in Ukraine, but those are nice people who STILL have not realized that TRUTH really IS the only way we are set free.

And set free IS each human's main goal in life. You can wipe all the rest off the slate. Humans want REAL freedom the most of anything. Just too many of us are completely unwilling to risk our lives so that we ALL can get it.

That's it in a nutshell.

People are urging Russia to finally start sending in the top flight military forces they have been holding back in reserve through this whole mess, but despite my guts trading places for the poor Ukrainians left in towns from which the Russians have retreated, sending in the big guns IS accomplishing the West's goal of depleting their strength enough that we can overrun them and take their ENTIRE country from them.

That IS the goal, and we've been working at it for twenty years... ever since we were booted out for looting in the 1990s and spent a few years nursing our wounds and wondering if we couldn't lure Putin into our club.

Already, we have special ops military from our country and a few others in there making these offensives yield up some semblance of success for the nazi-thug-riddled Ukrainian military. WE are being depleted instead of Russia, still.

You might think it unpatriotic of me to be saying all this, and to be devoutly wishing every success upon the Russians, but the very ones in the lead here are the very globalist psychopaths this planet needs desperately to spit out. We DO NOT ever get our country back until they are beaten.

Russia is beating them. You better hope they win big. We the People do NOT get our country back until they do.

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