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Brain relying almost completely on reflex systems, I'm pretty much worth jack shit right now, except I hope for listening to stuff. Just, if you watched the video I linked last night, there's an update that might interest you.


Interesting comment I found on this:
This discussion of international developments must be placed within the context of the current blowout of the $600 trillion global derivatives bubble. The recent banking crisis is merely the surface symptom of the disintegration of this bubble.

In that context, those who believe that a China-led BRICS is going to provide a solution are either unaware or are ignoring the fact that China, over the last year, has stupidly bought into massive derivatives trades in a desperate attempt to shore up the collapsed land developers and banks involved in their last decade's real estate Ponzi schemes.

The REAL revolutionary development that is required to solve the global strategic and economic crisis is the convening of an emergency conference to establish a New Bretton Woods financial system.

A return to a gold-reserve dollar and the establishment of fixed-exchange rates among the world's major currencies would immediately collapse the already teetering derivatives bubble. That means that the globalist financial oligarchy that has been in control of the United States of America since the 1971 shutdown of the old Bretton Woods system, would be bankrupted.

But is this what China would want to do? Or are they now too integrated into the globalists' bubble economy to want to pick a fight with it?

In order to survive such a blow-out in the derivatives market, both the US and China will have to undergo a complete Glass-Steagall style bankruptcy reorganization of their respective banking systems.

In the US, there is motion to do just that.

Senator Josh Hawley is saying: No bank bailouts! Glass-Steagall banking reorganization!

Trump has, in the past, expressed support for the Glass-Steagall reorganization that Hawley is now pushing. Here is an article on the subject:

With the next inevitable financial shock, the question will come: Will the US Congress choose Josh Hawley's Glass-Steagall, or the vastly unpopular alternative of bailouts?

An even bigger question mark: Will China go for such an internal bankruptcy reorganization?

For the US and Russia, the pathway is clear: Liberate the US from the financial oligarchy's grip, and initiate a new era of peaceful cooperation and economic development.

We have already seen Trump offer to mediate the Ukraine conflict, and, as part of the deal, he could propose an emergency New Bretton Woods monetary conference to be held under the auspices of a Russia-MAGA alliance. Trump would need to bring along to advise him, his nominee for the Federal Reserve Board, Judy Shelton, who had proposed in 2018 a New Bretton Woods conference to be held at Mar-a-Lago.

We don't have to wait for the next election. The US Congress, under the auspices of its constitutional power to declare war, could send Trump to meet with Putin on such a peace-seeking mission.

We must not sit on our heels and wait for China to break free from the financial oligarchy and take the lead. With the recent indictment of Trump, all bets are off in US politics. The revolutionary potential is there.

Now is the time.
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