a type of wrap up

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I hope this covers some of the lingering questions. I know it also could be helpful to any of us who are trying to get some kind of handle on what's what with the various analysts extant.

As you know, I greatly favor MacGregor, and would always also favor Ritter — when he's not indulging himself in his self-righteousness to the point where I'm angry that the only way to knock him over is to harm my own property. As we have so recently seen, he can be as crisp and concise as MacGregor — when he feels himself to be addressing his superior.

And, indeed, this little wrap up shows that the inputs of both Ritter and MacGregor, taken together, completely cover the whole debacle of Prigozhin going postal. His big "enemies" in the MoD were trying to make him come under the constitutional order, and he couldn't cede that authority. His delusions of grandeur completely outstripped any regard for rule of law.

I guess we should be grateful the Russian government is strong enough to enforce that. Truly, from the moment those four oblasts voted themselves back into Russia, it was unconstitutional for Wagner to be fighting on their soil. OF COURSE, the MoD would be hectoring him about the chain of command, trying to make Wagner legal to operate in Russia.

And, of course, there are many in Russia who want to go hard and get it over with! We all want it over very, very badly — except for the psychopaths — but it's just like when Putin took office and shocked the world by laying down the law on the oligarchs and letting them keep their ill-gotten fortunes ONLY so long as they stayed out of politics and media. I've said many times that was a master stroke I never would have had the patience to exercise.

It was way too reasonable for my blood. Heh. Way too realistic for my blood. Made me stretch myself and my understanding to see the transcendental wisdom of it. Well, he's doing it again by being as cautious as he has been. He understands psychopaths and their hair triggers when trapped.

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