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I really wanted you to consider the great Michael Hudson's point here, and it's melted into the press of events and my circus and my so-called life for days. I'm here trying to figure out why I've got so many windows open in the dock and, well, they were open because I'd meant to let you know about their contents.

This point was extra-interesting to me because I've been wondering how the SCO can have come out and announced its intention to do this liberation-from-the-psychopaths thing — fifteen years ago, now, at least — and the psychopaths just sat back and let them.

Well, they didn't believe it was possible.

And, realizing there was no profitable way to prevent it, they decided to mindfuck and terrorize their way out of it... what this stupendously good economist is calling "colonizing Europe" here.

See, psychopaths can only psychopath. They're dirt dependable.

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