made me cry

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So much murderous and unscrupulous stuff going on and so many oblivious nitwits waving flags to be on whatever side, if they're not even more oblivious than those ones.

Ukraine has been a seething hotbed of corruption, neonazism and regular population of people working too hard to pay attention or paying attention so hard they implode for thirty years. We have been using that place for money laundering and insane amounts of wealth transfer for all that time.

There has been every level of lying about and shitting on Russia for that long as well.

This is NOT a war between different countries. It's a war between psychopaths and humans. Russia is fighting for the humans and WE are fighting for the psychopaths.

Never mind what they SAY. Look at what they DO.

And quit looking down your nose at people who insist that this is spiritual warfare.

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