the faustian bargain

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Was well in advance. If I have not been able to overcome my contempt for Ukraine in all these years, it is precisely this genocidal allegiance to evil that caused it and has sustained it.

I mean, some people are appalled that I can feel fondness for Dubby after all the filthy things in his administration, but after he left office, though still and forever unable to completely forgive him, I know he's not a born psychopath. He was severely harmed by his parents, and never in his life got to do what he most wanted.

And presidenting was never on his list.

Everyone they threw in there with him upheld the globalist psychopath course. Dubby was just the hapless — forced — figurehead. I don't think any of these "Kyiv Regime" Ukrainians have that excuse.

I have encountered SO many utterly witless Russia haters online, it terrifies me. No. Really. It's just as though they have been living in a completely separate dimension that's been smunched up into mine and there has to be a cosmic remedy for this or human beings will be extinct soon.

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