most popular leader in russian history

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And anyone who cared to look into it even a little could plainly see why.

I'm certain Western influences were brought to bear here. It's no accident that it came on the very day we knew for certain that Ukraine's offensive was a complete, utterly disastrous, flop. If it was even a few hours later, Prigozhin would've been driven off in a paddy wagon to the nut house by his own men... if they didn't just shoot him first.

His string of outrageous lies about Ukraine taking vast swaths of territory and the OBVIOUSLY phoney video of a missile blast from their rear would not have even been able to fool the very few musicians he took with him on this either very seriously ill-advised move, or he was forced to by circumstances to move despite how badly it would play because of Ukraine's SO apparent dud offensive that only managed to kill many thousands more of their own men.

And right there is where I know that Western influences were coming down around his ears to get 'er done. I mean, beside all the reports of him being in contact with Westerners. His psychotic break was too outragously contrived, too hastily assembled to be able to fool even me with that stupid video. Any of it. All of it. WHO would believe he was going armed into Moscow to save Putin from Shoigu?

Many reports of 80% of his forces not willing to budge, and thousands of the ones who budged either fell back on the way or flat out turned in their weapons when they got to Rostov on Don. Yes, plenty diehards stuck with him, but maybe they were too dumb or too loyal to figure it out.

I can't believe Prigozhin didn't know Kadyrov would be there to greet him, along with the regular Russian forces, and that he did not have enough men, fuel or ammo to prevail. So he had to have some other reason than political ambitions to do such a crap job of his little mutiny. I can feel Nuland's — Satan's — hot breath on his neck.

The psychopaths don't care about his life, let alone his political ambitions. No. Their window of opportunity was closing and the failure of the offensive was going to be all over the media by Saturday. So Friday it had to be! A Hail Mary pass when they knew their humiliation was upon them. Anything, anything, anything but not that!

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