okay, i'm officially mad again

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One used to be able to get all the information one needed on any of a bunch of maps and any of a bunch of government and professional websites for any fire anywhere you wanted to know about. Over the last ten years the information has shriveled to not nearly enough and even the maps are obtuse and NOT updated regularly.

They nail all this stuff with satellite data and it could transfer onto the internet VERY quickly, but it's being throttled, and making you have to chase all over hell and gone to get the amount of information you need to judge for yourself what you will do about one that threatens to get too near you.

The nearest one is still approximately 9 miles from me, and the wind, such as it is, while approaching from the north, heads almost due east when it hits the coast, right now. So it seems not to have gotten any nearer, even though it's doubled in burn area. I'm not going through all this shit to determine these simple things again.

If the sheriff shows up to tell me to evacuate, I'm slapping him before I follow his orders. THEY ARE PURPOSELY TRYING TO RENDER US STUPID AND COMPLIANT AND/OR DEAD. NO MORE MS NICE GUY. He deserves it.

pipe up any time....