which puts me in mind of our "diplomats"

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You know, the "agreement incapable". They're pit vipers who have never experienced even the idea of meaning what they say. They only mean what they want.

I have hated diplomacy my whole life. It reeks. It's insincerity at its lowest. It's twaddle.

Yes, yes, it's decorous, and decorum is often vital in human relations, especially when getting along is in the best interest of the most living things. I get it. Most people are insulted by candor. Even though it sets everyone free.

It can't set anyone free when decorum is so vital to human relations. Why people are so insulted by candor is not really even a little mysterious in this day and age. We have the great works from mystical schools to explain it, and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for the pseuo-scientifically-minded.

It's something humans were put here to overcome, to transcend, to grow out of in order to make a better world for living things, and something psychopaths live to consecrate in the name of the almighty goal of winning.

I do see that diplomacy is important, and the only way it can be conducted in any way that is not toxicity incarnate, is when one can do it while remaining unerringly truthful. One needs to struggle to find what one can be truthful about, speak that, and only that, always keeping to one's agreements so as never to be pushed out of polite society, never to be cast out as unworthy of good things, and when you are a diplomat in service of masses of human beings, you simply cannot falter.

I get it.

Just almost every other country on the planet has real diplomats, while we in the West have only psychopaths. This can't possibly end well for us, but it really is comforting that doesn't mean it won't for the rest of the world.

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