the other 9/11

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This one did not have me off on a panic of premonition for many weeks prior, but it hit me nearly as hard. It should serve as a reminder that no matter what we think of President Trump, when we are thinking clearly, we will admit that saving us from that woman might have been the single biggest favor anyone's done this country.

I mean, not even that ends up saving us from ourselves, clearly, but giving it a miss on Madam Nhu Cubed was YUGE. We should be spending our day counting what blessings we can wrest from killers, tyrants, liars, everyone bent on our destruction... and feeling repentance for any capitulation to it we have allowed.

This is premiering on YouBube right now, and if you are pressed for time, it's usually pretty safe to skip chunks of the first half of Shawn's interviews. They're background and loosening up time.

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