youbube taking things entirely too far

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Few are bothering to bitch about it anymore.

We were almost completely over the race bullshit and the LGBT bullshit and even the geopolitical bullshit, especially as applied to Russia, we were almost completely, except for a few outliers, in terms of the general population, the tolerant utopia these fucking wokester zombies claim they want.

I don't know anyone who doesn't have gay friends and neighbors they adore.

I don't know anyone who judges people by the color of their skin.

I don't know anyone who is a Russophobe.

And that's just if you want to leave out the insult of the whole "pandemic" and their lethal "vaccines". I never knew anyone who would say, "Okay, I'll lock myself away from the cold going around," or "I'll let people force me to wear a mask," or "I'll take a jab full of known-toxins so I can keep my job." Neither have you... until very, very recently.

I have known people, extremely smart people, who INSIST their tv does not hypnotize them, DESPITE all the studies saying that almost everyone goes into a theta state — the hypnosis state — within 90 seconds of turning on their tv.

I have been telling people to stop that since sometime in the 1970s.

You've heard the term "vegging out in front of the tv" a million times, probably used it that many times, too. You are telling the truth each time you say it, but you are NOT letting the ugly FACT of it hit home. You've needed a rest from the world that badly for that long, and you only call that a rest from the world. You're not thinking straight.

Haven't even met anyone exhibiting these stupid xenophobic suicidal tendencies in DECADES... more than four of them... and that guy was a rare bird even for back then. I submit to you that these facts were alarming the globalist psychopaths so much they started elevating the human tendency to feel sorry for ourselves into a saintliness of of Victimhood, and then started paying people to radicalize it, and glommed on to ALL our media outlets to propagandize us to pulp.

Woke-ism is the most xenophobic and anti-American ism in our entire history.

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