eleven and a half crucial minutes

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Do you know that when I was a baby, and on up through my toddlertude, almost to kindergarden, I got milk that came direct to our doorstep every morning from a local dairy. Do you realize that nobody who was raised that way EVER has a dairy allergy or "lactose intollerance" ever in their lives, unless they've been nuked really, really hard with antibiotics, SO hard there aren't ANY good gut biota left in them? Fact.

Do you realize how many babies are sickly because there is almost NO raw dairy left in this country? How many trips to the doctor and deaths because they can't goddam get MILK into them? A lot. Okay. You ASSHOLES! ALL those babies need is some raw milk to populate their guts with all the good gut biota it takes to make them strong and healthy. That, or possibly a nice mouth full of MUD pie. [NOT a joke] You just have to fork over the megabucks to get the milk OR find a patch of clean mud... like from a cow pasture... or somewhere similarly bereft of chemical toxins.

Do you know that, for my birthday, I spent two days' grocery money on a half gallon of raw milk and a brownie? I goddam did, because it was the nicest thing I could do for myself, the nicest reward for the skinbag that's taken me through this ludicrous number of years. Jesus.

Humans can't digest food for shit unless they have the gut biota in there to help them.

Simple as.

You might not know this, but clearly THE PSYCHOPATHS DO.

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